About Us

At DocumentationHQ we are focused on taking the pain out of KYC for both financial institutions and the corporate treasury departments they serve. This involves focusing on the repetitive and time consuming tasks that both parties undertake and eliminating any unnecessary repetition, cost or delay in achieving compliance with KYC checks for everyone involved.

DocumenationHQ does this through a number of mechanisms

1. Relevant documents and information are uploaded and maintained on a secure server either on a client premises or hosted securely in the cloud

2. Permissioned access is provided to relevant parties to upload, review, amend or discuss the relevant information and documentation.

3. A workflow system monitors the status of each document and account to let either party know the status of their KYC compliance. Employees and managers can easily see what accounts are compliant/which accounts are not and what documents or information is holding up the process and who is responsible for it.

4. A chat system allows all communication involving a document to be retained by both parties to allow a record to be kept of what exactly is required for each document and can be easily accessed by other permissioned employees, enabling easy reassignment of tasks and collaboration.