DocumentationHQ is revolutionising how Corporates interact with Banks and vice versa regarding On-Boarding, KYC and Payments. We create a truly engaging customer experience in accessing Financial Services products.

DocumentationHQ is a workflow, communications and document management system in a single view. It enables Financial Institutions comply with KYC and On Boarding requirements through use of a secure centralized or distributed repository. DocumentationHQ reduces repetition, cost, delay for Corporate Treasurers yet satisfies regulations. Most importantly it does this with a great Customer Experience for both Corporate and Bank users. Map out Corporate structures and Banking relationships. Digitise the process through advanced AI based form submission and eliminate mistakes and drudgery.

Coming Soon: DocumentationHQ will support SWIFT gpi services

How we do it

We help our customers remove the pain of KYC through 3 key functions in a single view.

Document Management

DocumentationHQ provides a cloud or on-site document management system for both corporates and financial institutions with secure permissioned access for both parties.

Secure data exchange


DocumentationHQ allows all parties to easily see the status of each document and account as well as what work is needed for the account to be KYC compliant.

Easy monitoring


The DocumentationHQ communications channel allows different parties to message each other in relation to each document and keeps a record of communications to allow employees pick up where others have left off.

Transparent communication for all parties

Benefits for All

Our platform gives time and resources back to all parties while also speeding up access to financial services

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We Are Expanding Globally

Our company is a global provider of technology based financial services solutions, backed by industry leading technology and security. Our customers consist of both corporate treasury departments in multinational corporations and financial institutions seeking to improve the KYC process for both themselves and their clients. Regardless of your geography, industry or role we have KYC a solution for your needs. Join us today